Shelby Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

Changing the future of walking and bicycling in Shelby

The Process

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Planning process is the opportunity to craft a vision for the future of Shelby. The plan will be a path to expanding mobility options, increasing safety, and encouraging active and healthy lifestyles.

The planning process has several key components:

PUBLIC INPUT: Members of the Shelby community will be invited to give feedback throughout the entire process.

EXISTING CONDITIONS REVIEW: Results from a detailed analysis of Shelby will identify opportunities for new infrastructure and policies.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Community input and data from the entire process will be synthesized into a series of prioritized and impactful infrastructure and policy recommendations.

The Future Network

The planning process will result in infrastructure recommendations that will foster the best environment for bicycling and walking in Shelby. The plan will recommend a network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The best networks are those that prioritize:

DIRECTNESS: Bicycling and walking distances and trip times are minimized
SAFETY: The frequency and severity of crashes are minimized and conflicts with motor vehicles are limited
COMFORT: Conditions do not deter walking or bicycling due to stress, anxiety, or safety concerns
CONNECTIVITY: All destinations can be accessed using the active transportation network, and there are no gaps or missing links

Share Your Experience

Share what it’s like to travel in your community every day — from visiting Uptown, to commuting to work, and everything in between. Your feedback will influence recommendations, policies, and priorities in the final plan.

You can participate in the planning process by taking a short survey:

Click here for Survey

Or use the interactive map to provide comments on destinations you want to walk or bicycle to and difficult intersections:

Click here for Map

Next Steps

See materials from the casual, drop-in style public meeting on Tuesday, October 1st, at the Don Gibson Theatre.

Open House Materials



Contact the project team representative:

Jared Draper, AICP


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